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Get glowing with our Glowing Green Smoothie!

22 Jul 2015, EATWATER
If you’re getting bored of the same old recipes, wondering how to cook Slim Pasta, Rice and Noodles, or just need more food you can have on the go, this one’s for you.

Summer Smoothies

02 Jun 2015, EATWATER
They’re delicious, easy to drink whether on the go or on the couch, and they take next to no time to make. And summer is the absolute perfect time for them!

Where to get organic food?

22 Apr 2015, EATWATER
A lot of people give up on organic food because they find it too hard to get a hold of!But never fear – there are loads of ways to get everything you need in wholesome, organic form – and it’s easy!

Wake up and smell the konjac

03 Mar 2015, EATWATER
Konjac has been around for thousands of years, being eaten as a source of high fibre to supplement diets in place of other carbohydrates such as traditional rice and noodles. If you’ve had authentic konnyaku at a Japanese restaurant, chances are it was made of konjac!

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