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Morning Power Smoothie

19 Feb 2016, Recipes
Smoothies are delicious meals you can drink. They’re nutritious fillers that combine a number of ingredients you would not eat otherwise in the course of a day. The fruit that goes into a smoothie give you the vitamins and minerals you need. Here’s a yummy recipe you can whip up to kickstart your day.

It's not that tough a choice!

27 Jan 2016, EATWATER
We read of so many fads and exercise routines and can become quite confused by them. And what’s more, there are now a whole line-up of combination workouts like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Aerobic Pilates, and the like. One question that many beginners new to exercising are faced with is the choice between Pilates and yoga. Well, this depends on your goals and what you are seeking from your exercise routine.

You are in control

28 Dec 2015, EATWATER

Keep a festive table!

10 Dec 2015, EATWATER
Here are some ideas on how to keep a beautiful – as well as healthy – table this festive season.

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